Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

360 Wheels Ltd / 3SDM Wheels Inc
Terms and conditions 25/01/2023

1) The wheels you are purchasing are custom built and specifically finished to your taste
and will ONLY fit your vehicle. As such, your order cannot be cancelled once your deposit
has been paid and your deposit is non-refundable, and you are entering into a binding
agreement with our company.
3) Final specifications of your wheels are detailed on your invoice, including diameter(s),
width(s), offset(s), center bore(s), finishes and more. You must check all these details
carefully to make sure they match your requirements. As soon as your deposit is received,
these details are deemed to be correct and any amendments will be at our sole discretion
dependent on the stage of production the wheels are at when requested.
4) Revisions to your order can only be made at our discretion once your deposit has been
paid and will depend on what stage of production they are at. Orders for custom wheels
cannot be returned under buyer remorse.
5) Whilst we do everything we can to provide delivery dates that are as accurate as
possible, there are many circumstances that can arise during production that are beyond
our control. As such, all delivery times are estimates only and are not guaranteed in any
way shape or form.

1) Trial fit all wheels to the vehicle before mounting tyres to ensure the wheel is properly
matched to the bolt pattern and there is sufficient brake / suspension clearance. Never
force a wheel to seat against the hub by applying pressure through the bolts. The wheel
must go into place freely. Ensure the hub area is clean and clear of obstructions such as
rivets, guide pins or screw fasteners before installing wheels.
2) Mount tyres in accordance with directions and practices recommended by the
manufacturer of the tyres and tyre mounting equipment. 360 Wheels will not assume
responsibility for damage due to improper or careless mounting practices.
3) Check for excessive stud length. Excessive stud length will bottom out a closed end nut,
preventing the wheel from being properly torqued to the mounting surface.

4) Check for excessive bolt length. Excessive bolt length may bottom in the hub,
preventing the wheel from being properly torqued to the mounting surface or impacting
brake shoes inside the hub assembly.
5) Ensure the nuts/bolts used have the appropriate seating to match the wheel.
6) Tighten nuts/bolts in order of opposites. Impact wrenches are not recommended due to
the possibility of irregular or improper tightening. Owner’s manual recommended lug nut
torque specifications should be followed.
7) Nuts/bolts must be re-torqued at 25 miles and 100 miles to re-check for proper torque.
8) Thread engagement should be equal to the diameter of the thread in order to ensure
maximum possible strength of the assembly. Threads on the nut/bolt/hub should be
undamaged, clean and free of lubricant.
9) Check for sufficient arch/fender and caliper clearance and free rotation of all wheels
before driving your vehicle. Turn the front wheels side to side to check for possible
interference. Clearance should be checked while the vehicle is on the ramp as well as
after the weight of the vehicle is lowered on to the suspension. Drive the vehicle as
reduced speed (5 mph) as a final check against interference.
10) Keep wheels clean. The finish will be damaged if foreign material, brake dust, dirt or
chemicals are not removed promptly. Clean wheels regularly with a mild detergent and
water only, treat your wheels as you would the bodywork of your car and never clean them
while hot. The finish of your wheels may be permanently damaged by caustic soap used
on some commercial car washes and cleaning products – anodized finished in particular
must never come into contact with products containing caustic chemicals. Any abrasives,
steel wool or chemicals applied to your wheels may damage the finish.

Under normal and reasonable use (excluding motorsport uses), wheels produced by 360
Wheels are warranted against structural defect in material and cosmetic finish for one year
from date of purchase during the possession of the original purchaser.
This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of wheels, at the discretion of 360
Wheels, for any wheels determined to be defective and covered under warranty.
Installation costs, transportation costs or loss of use is not covered under this warranty.
Accessories determined to be defective in workmanship or materials while the wheel is

under warranty will be repaired or replaced. Wheels will not be replaced due to defects in

1. Wheels NOT purchased from an authorized dealer.
2. Any damage or defect caused by abuse, misuse, neglect or accident. Any damage or
defect caused by racing or off road use or by road hazard impact.
3. Wheels that have been altered repaired or modified.
4. Wheels used for motorsport purposes.
5. Wheels installed with incorrect tire sizes or used with excessive vehicle loads.
6. Wheel corrosion or cosmetic flaws occurring after purchase due to chemicals, caustic
cleaning agents, climate conditions or neglect.
7. Pitting or discoloration due to lack of maintenance on raw aluminium finishes.
9. Appearance blemishes or defects on wheels that have been mounted.
10.Wheels damaged by shipping or handling. Inspect shipments and contact the shipping
company if any products are damaged. Shipping damage claims must be filed with the
delivery carrier.

Warranty is valid only to the original consumer/purchaser, when the wheel is returned to
the authorized dealer from whom it was purchased, freight prepaid with proof of purchase.
This Warranty does not cover removal or installation expense.

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