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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


3SDM Forged wheels

In order to protect both parties from errors and misunderstandings we require a full and detailed purchase order to be submitted for each and every wheel order placed.

The required criteria are set out below:

Firstly you must submit your purchase order to us via post or email.

Your order must clearly include the following information:

  • Your chosen wheel design
  • Your required diameter, width and offset for both front and rear wheels
  • Your chosen centre part and cap finishing and colour
  • Your chosen front lip and rear rim finishing, again, including colour if any
  • Your chosen hardware finish
  • Your vehicle’s exact details: make, model and year
  • You must inform us of any deviation from the vehicles delivered specifications: these include, but are not limited to, things such as aftermarket or upgraded braking systems or modified / upgraded suspension units such as air ride or coil over set ups.
  • It is vitally important you inform us if your vehicle has ceramic brakes whether they are standard or an upgrade.
  • Note: failure to adhere to this request or disclose any modifications may result in fitment problems of which 3SDM Forged will neither be responsible nor liable for if this is a direct result of an undisclosed deviation from the vehicles original delivered specification.
  • Any special requirements or notes that have been mentioned during any consultations with any representative of 3SDM Forged. This relates to things such as special engraving to the wheels face or

Once we have received your order, and all criteria is agreed, we will issue an invoice for the wheels which will have all relevant details present, please check this invoice very carefully.


We are not responsible for anything other than what’s listed on this invoice, regardless of any prior correspondence.

Should this invoice require a revision or addition, you have 48 hours to respond with your requests, failure to do so will result in the order proceeding through production exactly as described on the invoice regardless of the specifications listed being correct or not.

It is your responsibility to check for any mistakes or potentially incorrect details of any sort on the submitted invoice. Any revisions requested after the deposit has been made may incur considerable costs should any work already have been performed and If the order is too far into production for any changes to be made, you will be responsible for all material & machining costs incurred which may be considerable.

Any proposed changes must be made in writing and acknowledged, in writing, by a member of the 3SDM Forged team to be deemed valid.

Should you overlook any details on the invoice, it is your responsibility to notify us within 24 hours of making the deposit or by default the order will proceed as described on the invoice provided – you are responsible for carefully checking the details of your order presented on the invoice.

Your approval of the specifications listed on our invoice constitutes your acceptance of responsibility that such fitment specifications will properly fit your intended vehicle application based on information you have supplied.

If the resulting wheels manufactured do not properly fit the vehicle for any reason other than a material defect in workmanship, rework charges will

apply for any manufacturing required to correct the wheels and any reworking will be carried out at the discretion of 3SDM forged.

Once production begins, any requested changes may be granted purely at the discretion of 3SDM Forged and any requests after the start period will be considered on a case by case basis and will be wholly dependant on the nature of the request and the status of the work in progress.



Your wheels are custom built for you and to your specifications.

Once an order is placed, it is non-cancelable and your deposit is non-refundable as you are entering into a formal agreement with 3SDM Forged and you are, in essence, confirming that you will fulfill your obligation to purchase the wheels as specified in your invoice.

Under no circumstances can a completed order be returned as “no longer required”.



We cannot and do not guarantee a delivery time. At the time of order confirmation we will give you an anticipated delivery time however, due to the many variables with manufacturing custom ‘one off’ wheels, we cannot guarantee it 100%.

We will obviously endeavour to produce your wheels in a timely manner and in line with our projected delivery time but unforeseen circumstances may arise needing for the delivery time to be re-scheduled. If such a case arises we will do our upmost to inform you immediately of any delay or extension of our initial delivery quotation.

Wheels that are not delivered by our anticipated delivery time may not be cancelled under any circumstances and your deposit is your acceptance of this fact and 3SDM Forged will be in no way liable for any external costs arising from the delay in delivery of your wheels.


Anodised finishes: Note that anodising is a hard and durable finish but it is very susceptible to Sodium Hydroxide (caustic soda) and solutions containing this must be avoided.

We offer a 12 month warranty on finishing and a lifetime structural warranty excluding those claims that are resulting from improper use or accidental damage.

The 12 month warranty on finishing excludes fair wear and tear such as scratches, external damage such as kerbing and user neglect or care error’s such as using acid based products to clean your wheels. We can provide detailed information on how to care for your wheels on request.

Should there be any issues on finishing, such as pitting or chipping of the painted / plated surfaces please contact us initially to check if the issue falls within our warranty coverage.

After the initial contact, if it’s thought that your wheels may fall under the warranty criteria we will require that you send us photos of the problem via email so a further assessment can be made prior to any further action.

If it’s felt that your wheels may fall under warranty we will liaise with you over the return to base of your wheels. Once received, we will inspect the product to confirm the issue is as the result of poor workmanship or materials. If is agreed that the fault is with workmanship or materials we will rectify or replace the relevant components free of charge however, If it is found that the issue is not due to workmanship or materials but rather user neglect or error, then no remedial work will take place under our warranty procedure and the wheels will remain at our premises for your collection. Depending on the nature of the work needed to rectify the fault we may carry out the work at a pre agreed cost with yourself – this offer is on a set by set basis and there is no obligation for the company to carry out this work.

When returning wheels to us It is your responsibility to get the wheels back to us safely by being properly and securely packaged, we are not responsible for any shipping damages.

Please note: you MUST contact us prior to returning any wheels to us under a warranty issue. Wheels that are returned without prior consent and authorisation will be refused by our goods in department.



Should you receive your wheels and there is a problem with fitment, please call us and explain the problem. If the problem is in fact a valid fitment issue we will liaise with you over the collection of the wheels via our nominated agent.

Once received, we will rectify the issue at our expense.

The issues we consider to be fitment issues are:

  • incorrect P.C.D.
  • incorrect width: inner or outer rim width differs from those stated on the invoice.
  • incorrect diameter
  • incorrect offset: this is only upheld where we have suggested the offset for the given vehicle. Where the customer has stated the required offsets then the onus is with the customer to modify the vehicle to allow the use of the offsets they have ordered.


Test fit your wheels prior to fitting tyres and If you have any fitment queries when you receive your wheels please contact us for advice and guidance.

None of the above-mentioned items warrant a cancelation or a refund and we will do everything necessary to ensure that the problem is fixed to your satisfaction.




Our wheels are checked prior to leaving our facility. In most cases, air leak issues are invariably the result of incorrectly mounted tyres, tpms sensors or the valve itself – these issues are not covered under our warranty policy. We always recommend that you use a company who has experience with aftermarket three piece wheels of a large diameter.



Should there be a vibration issue after mounting your wheels, firstly contact the company who mounted the tyres as most vibration issues arise from the tyres being incorrectly mounted or balanced. Subsequently check any spigot rings that may have been supplied are present and correct and that the wheels are mounted flush with the hub and with the correct fasteners.



We do not have a set pricing structure on non-warranty repair work. The price of the necessary parts and labour is determined once said wheels are received and the damage assessed. At that time, we will provide a written estimate on the job at a price based on our cost of material and labor. Should a rough estimate be required prior to the wheels being shipped, we would be happy to provide one. You would simply provide as much information as possible via email, and we will provide you with a rough estimate. These things happen, and we prefer to take care of any rebuilds, repairs and / or refinishing in-house to ensure that the wheels are properly assembled and / or finished to avoid safety and quality issues in the future.

Every wheel is linked to a unique 6 digit number which is the wheel’s identification. By pulling the history on the number, we’re able to see all original order details, communication corresponding to the order, and post order notes, if any.



A minimum of 50% deposit is required to start production of any order, until this deposit is received the order will remain pending and will not be put to production schedule.

Please note: The deposit you paid against your invoice is non-refundable.

We accept payments via card or bank transfer.

Once your order nears its completion we will contact you for the remaining balance prior to despatching your wheels. Please note we will request your balance payment up to a week in advance of the actual shipping day.  Once the balance, including any shipping charges, is received we will despatch your wheels as soon as they are ready.


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